Frequently Asked Questions

NO-AD Sunscreen can be purchased at retail stores such as Walmart, ShopRite, Stop ‘n Shop, Publix, H. E. Butt Grocery Co., SuperValu, Spartan Stores, Marc’s, Bi-Mart & Meijer Inc.

NO-AD sunscreens are tested to be effective for three years.

The code stamped on the container represents the date the product was made in the Julian calendar date format.

Example Code: NL-12-192

NL= Product Code
12 = The year the product was made. In this case, 2012.
192 = The day of the year it was made. (192nd day of the year falls in July)

This product was made in July of 2012.

Note: The product expiration date is typically three years from its manufacturing date. In this case, July 2015.

NO-AD Sunscreens normally have a shelf-life of three years when stored according to the directions.  Always reference the product expiration date printed on the bottle.

Depending on which product you have, there will either be an ink code printed somewhere on the bottle (generally near the bottom of the container, or on the underside itself) in the following format:

One or two letters followed by a series of numbers and a second line for the expiration date.

Example:  NN17302  Exp10/2020

In this example, this item expires on October, 2020

We do not recommend any product be used past its expiration date as ingredients naturally break down.  To understand how to identify the expiration date see the previous F.A.Q. regarding this question.  Otherwise, call or email our friendly consumer care department should your item only have a batch code, for clarification.

The NO-AD Naturals line contains sensitive sun protecting ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  These are physical filters that work by reflecting UV light.  Similar to a mirror, the lotion reflects light causing a white cast effect.

NO-AD products are not animal tested.  Solskyn Personal Care does not practice animal testing on any of its products.

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