About NO-AD Sunscreen


NO-AD® Sun Care Products have been protecting families for generations (since 1962 exactly) with great quality products at twice the size of other national brands. NO-AD invests in the product and not general advertising which allows us to pass the savings on to you, our valued customers. 

For decades, ounce for ounce, NO-AD has been providing great sun protection at a great value. 

You may ask, why twice the size of other national brands? Well, experts recommend that you:

  1. Apply 1 ounce of sunscreen (to properly cover an adult body from head to toe),
    15 minutes before sun exposure
  2. Re-apply immediately after towel-drying, after extensive swimming or sweating and at least every 2 hours. 

This means, that a family of four at the beach, lake or pool, for a full day - say 8 hours - should use about 16 ounces of sunscreen: applying 1 ounce per person, re-applying at least every 2 hours (so at least 4 x in 8 hours, that is 4 ounces per adult) times a family of four, that’s 16 ounces. Now you see why we sell 16 oz. bottles of sunscreen lotions - because it makes sense.  This is why NO-AD has been called the Common Sense Sun Care for decades. Plus, 16 oz. lotion bottles offer twice the quantity as 8 oz. national brands for less cost per ounce.

When it comes to moms, NO-AD has no competition.  Keep your family protected at a great VALUE! Upgrade to NO-AD today!